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Shell Cordovan Belts made with Horween® Leather


Discover our collection of 100% Genuine Cordovan Leather belts. The leather used on our rare and durable Cordovan leather products are some of the smoothest and enduring leathers on the planet. Our belt leather is cut from above the iconic shells and has been used on high end shoes for decades.  Horween Leather Company® in Chicago, Illinois is one of three known places that shell cordovan is produced. The world famous tannery has been producing leather in America since 1905 and has held the contracts and made the leather for the footballs and basketballs in the NFL and NBA for decades.  True cordovan uses equine leather and takes up to 6 months to be naturally slow-tanned and hand glazed. The leather is valued and can run up to $120 a foot. This true artisan leather is world famous. Vintage leather antiquities from many years ago lay truth the legendary durability. Due to the connective elements found on the smooth and grainless surface of the hide, many years of wear may not even be visible. There are men's shoes that were made in the 1940's and 50's that have been resoled many times still being worn today. Although not as thick and flexible as our premium harness an bridle leathers, the unique  hard, glasslike surface and thinner profiles are completely different than American bovine bull hides.

Production of cordovan leather is extremely limited and we get many pieces that are not long enough for belts.  Irregularities in tones and color are quite present and that is why the iconic darker mahogany shades  that are usually associated with Shell Cordovan are more common.. We believe that the natural beauty and color differences add to the authenticity to the cordovan leather belts. For this reason we offer lighter colors with natural waxes and tallows added here in Scottsdale as well as the traditional versions. Rest assured knowing that you can return the belt if it does not meet your satisfaction. 

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