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The SEQUOIA HD458 Minimalist Wallet with TILE® option


Announcing our Heavy Duty Minimalist wallet line with a new feature...the capability to embed a TILE®.  What the heck is a Tile you ask? A Tile® are these little bluetooth gismos that attach to your keys and slide into your wallet. In the event of misplacing either of these items you can "ping" the location.  In other words...

With your keys you can find your wallet.

With your wallet you can find your phone.

With your phone you can locate either.

As so on...there are many other TILE® features that I am not going to get into. That is someone else's sales pitch.  The question is, would you like to be able to install one into your new heavy duty harness leather minimalist wallet?  We use a Made in America steel holster clip as well as tiny little Made in USA solid brass Chicago screws.  You would simply purchase a starter pack like the one pictured from a store like Best Buy, use a tiny screwdriver to undo the screws and insert the Tile®.  Simply reattach the screws tightly and load up all your cards, valuables, money, and roll out.  So you ask, Why install the TILE® deep inside the walls? Why not just put it into the pocket...

1. Because the wallets are small by design and to give up a pocket makes it hard to get all your cards in.

2.Because if someone steals your wallet, they don't know that you can track it and maybe you get it back.

3.We all know someone that has had dementia and we thought of a few ways that this could make their lives a little easier.  Possibly even be used as piece of mind as to securing our aging family members. Wether we admit it or not, I am sure all of us could use this lost and found technology in our lives.  but that is for you to discover .  Any of our heavy duty minimalist models with a "T" at the end of the SKU  have been made available with this feature.  

I received my first TILE® a few birthdays ago and loved it. The batteries used to be the weakness manufacturer has addressed them and upgraded the new models.  

Our heavy duty wallets do NOT come with the TILE®  technology.  It is SOLD SEPARATELY.

At Scottsdale Belt Co., we've hand selected the finest Wickett and Craig premium harness leather we can find to handcraft this wallet. We use the same leather to make our Famous Classic Mahogany and Sequoia belts. Each wallet is meticulously cut, glued, skived, beveled and edged to create a heirloom quality minimalist wallet that allows him to organize his cards and money in a beautiful, one of a kind, handcrafted compact design.


  • 12 oz. Premium Harness Leather
  • Heavy Duty Black Powder Coated USA Made Spring Steel Money Clip
  • Hold up to 9 credit cards safely
  • Money clip holds up to 20 bills or securely clips to inside pocket


Model:  001W-475-3P-T
Color/Leather:  Premium Wickett and Craig Mahogany Harness Leather
# of Pockets:  3
Money Clip:  Y
Stitch:  #277 Chocolate Nylon HD thread / #207 Black Bobbin thread
Dimensions in inches:  4 3/4" x 3" x 5/8"


  • Free Domestic Shipping and Returns
  • Please Contact Us For Expedited Delivery


Family Owned and Operated