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Solid Brass Double Ring 1.5 Brown Leather Belt | The Sausalito

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Belt Size
Black with Stainless Steel
Mahogany with Solid Brass


At 1 1/2" wide, we make this vintage harness leather Double Ring Belt by flipping and reattaching the billet end onto the back side of the leather.  The two pieces are thinned, glued and stitched together using heavy duty thread. Finally, the original solid brass or stainless steel rings are attached using two American made Chicago screws. If the leather reversing step is skipped, then the tip is looped through the double rings and what is visible is the rough backside of the leather. This is a labor intensive step even for giant overseas factories so what factories do is simply fake the top grain on the underside of the leather, which they have perfected, and that is that.  But I know, and now you know that it was not done that way back in the day.  

Enjoy many years of wear in our handcrafted full grain harness leather Double Ring belt.  Made from the the original 1970 patterns of Brulport Leather Company.

In the 1970’s when I was a boy, my father carefully cut, flipped, glued and para-stitched every SAUSALITO Double Ring Belt he made. He would say, “To make a proper Ring Belt, you have to cut, skive, glue and stitch every belt end before  it flips through the rings and reverses.” What we have attempted to recreate would make him proud. Adhering to the vintage design that his small factory and other shops handcrafted and made popular in the 60's and  70's was really pretty straightforward. All we had to do was use real ingredients...Wickett and Craig harness leather was a perfect choice for the leather as it was back in the 70's.. The reason is because the ring belt needs to be supple and moldable. Wickett has not changed their harness leather recipe in 75 years and our original full grain Double Ring Belt  has not changed in 50 years.


  • 9 oz. Premium Saddle Leather
  • One Piece Construction
  • Stainless Steel or Solid Brass Tumbled Rings
  • 20 Year Guarantee
  • Made in the USA


Model: 811
Leather: Mahogany Harness
Thickness: .15 in / 4 mm (thickness of 3 stacked dimes)
Width(s): 1.5" / 38mm
Temper: Medium
Buckle: Tumbled Rings
Attachment: USA Black Oxide Brass Chicago Screw
Stitch: Parchment

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George T.
The Saucilito

The photo does not do this nor any of these belts justice. I've never felt a belt of this quality. It is safe to say that I will never again buy a flimsy belt off a rack at some chain retail store.

Scottsdale Belt Company

Thank you George. We put a great deal of effort into these belts. I appreciate that you feel the same way that we do. Hope to see you again soon. Manny