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The REMINGTON Leather Gun Belt

Belt Size
Belt Width


The REMINGTON Premium Heavy Duty gun belt is handcrafted in our Arizona workshop from full sides of 14oz. HDC black harness. Our exclusive harness gun leather belt uses two rows of Kevlar®  in natural color to produce a unique and fantastic combination. Natural Kevlar has a light yellow color that fades to lend itself well to the dark brown tones. Options for roller buckles include solid brass and stainless steel. Available in standard (1.5" / 37.5mm) and wide (1.75" / 44.5mm) widths. The HOWITZER makes a fashionable leather gun belt both on and off the range and can be worn with jeans for a fine addition to your wardrobe.


  • Our New Exclusive Scottsdale HDC (High Density Compression) leather
  • Dense and Strong Harness Leather for everyday carry that is not too thick and bulky like most other gun belts on the market.
  • The perfect balance of self-conforming contour, thickness and strength.
  • Extra drum stuffed Harness Leather from the Hermann Oak® Tannery USA
  • 14 oz. Full Grain Harness sides heated and compressed to 12 oz. for extra strength.
  • 8 Close Hole Design spaced at (5/8" / 15.5mm) for small adjustments.
  • Ideal for either IWB or traditional holstering.
  • Heavy-duty Kevlar® bonded thread sewn with Durkopp Adler® technology.
  • Nickel-Free tumbled solid stainless steel or solid brass buckles (2500lb. rating)
  • USA made non-casted solid brass Chicago screws.
  • One Piece Construction
  • 20 Year Guarantee
  • Made in the USA

**We age our Brass in house to create a true patina. If shiny is your preference, please specify in the notes section.**


Model: 220
Leather: Black Harness Gun Weight Hermann Oak®
Thickness: .22 in / 6 mm (thickness of 3 stacked quarters)
Temper: Extra Firm Compression Rolled
Buckle: Tumbled Roller
Attachment: USA Black Oxide Brass Chicago Screw
Stitch: #08 Parchment/#32 Steel 277 American & Efird
Overall Size: Approx. 6 inches over chosen belt size.



To ensure a perfect fit, grab a Ruler or Tape Measure and one of the belts you currently own and follow our easy sizing guide instructions.

  1. Lay your belt out.
  2. Using a ruler or tape measure, start measuring from the buckle fold (Fig. 1) to the hole you are currently using.
  3. If you are between sizes, round up to the nearest inch.

Order That Size!

Ex: 37" Inches = 37" Inch Belt Size

Find Your Belt Size

***Please measure your belt! Don't assume your size.


If you can't measure right now, add 3 inches to your waist/jean size and go ahead and ORDER NOW. We will follow-up with an email to confirm your size.


  • Fast Stock 1-2 weeks


  • Free Domestic Shipping and Returns
  • Please Contact Us For Expedited Delivery


Family Owned and Operated

NEW FOR 2021

New for 2021, our rigid and trusted Gun Belt Collection has received an exciting addition that has been in the works for over 2 years. Compressed to just about a quarter inch thick, we are now offering thermally compressed harness leather for a slightly thinner profile(.22"-.26")without any compromises to the strength. Made at the Hermann Oak® Tannery in St. Louis, giant sides of full grain and vegetable tanned American harness leather have allowed us to create one piece conceal carry gun belts at the highest quality. We are proud to introduce this compressed gun leather in 2021.

Every day Carry(EDC) Leather

Our past designs and time tested gun belts have been trusted by firearm instructors as well as gun shop owners for 2 decades. Our new High Density Compression technology takes us to a whole new level. By taking full thickness mature bull sides and compressing them at just under 90 tons of pressure, we are able to offer a slightly thinner, more comfortable gun belt that will self conform without compromising strength. Most gun belts are too thick, especially in Wide 1.75" and can some can barely get through denim loops on modern pants. Excessively thick belts are the number 1 complaint we hear from IWB and daily carry handgun owners. We felt that double thick leather belts (15-20oz.)  would just not be necessary if the leather could be compacted properly and made dense enough.

If you notice a powdery looking dust in the image of our belt, that is wax rising up from the leather core. This wax prohibits the drying and cracking of this belt for 20 years or more. Dryness and dirt are the enemies of leather and most gun belts start with dry skirting (non-oiled/waxed hides...less expensive). The dry skirting leather allows belt makers' to design the gun belt with floral, basket weave or other fancy impressions. Unfortunately, the deep conditioning and hydration of these belts is a problem. The question becomes, how do you  push or "hot stuff" down to the leather's core once the tooling is done? Ours will not hold a stamping very well however theirs is very difficult to get these stuffed tallow/liquor penetrations through.

See the giant wooden tannery drums in this photo that accomplish this. Centrifugal force and heat are used to deeply penetrate the hides. The drums force the waxes and liquors through and into the core to plump and preserve. As an Arizona leather company, trust our word that the finest skirting or tooling leather will soon to be cracked if not constantly conditioned. That is why we do not use skirting, but instead choose bridle and harness to make our belts. 

Our Goal

Our primary intention was to combine self-conforming, saddle leather with reliable holster positioning.  Law enforcement officers know that concealed comfort is only second to reliable holster placement. For everyday carry, the right holster is subjective and a self conforming yet durable leather is worth it's money. Overbuilt gun belts with hard and uncomfortable leather and rigid inlays are unbreakable but, for the most part, overkill and unnecessary. Furthermore, nylon and synthetics will NEVER have the self conforming abilities of premium leather. Veteran cops from some time ago remember when they could find a solid American made conceal carry holster/gun belt at a solid price.  Unfortunately to get that same premium vegetable tanned American leather, the hides alone are now approx. $285/side.

So what is to become of the "good leather belt and holster market?".... it becomes degraded leather, plastic and synthetic, not to mention "globally sourced".

We are proud to offer the next generation of handgun enthusiasts and undercover law enforcement our American made HDC leather gun belts. Available only at Scottsdale Belt Company.

The Thread

Two defined rows of heavy duty triple cord parachute thread are lock stitched with our 2012 high powered Durkopp Adler®. What this machine gives up in speed, it makes up for in velocity. Our heavy duty saddle stitcher is German made and engineered to sew properly tensioned inset threads. Competitors seeking higher margins sell 2 ply leather combinations that can lack thread tension or stitch definition. 

Belt Buckles

 With nickel free (stainless steel/solid brass) buckles and modern color options like the FALCON, the HOWITZER and the IRONWOOD, we offer a modern and refined gun belt style while still being stout. American made solid brass Chicago screws securely connect these heavy duty buckles to our heavy leather without incident. The belt buckles can always be removed and swapped with a hammer and a screwdriver; however, belt buckle changes void our warranty, but are welcome.


There are many differences between our handcrafted gun belts and the mass produced gun belts that you see online and in the hunting and fishing stores. All leather is far from equal and shoe/boot leather is everywhere. Most of these leathers are chrome tanned and two piece.  If they are one piece leather belts, many have holes that are placed over an inch apart and sport utility buckles that make them look like gym gear. 

Our gun belts are one piece, full grain compressed and chain burnished. Three different products and elbow grease are used to achieve our blended edges.


Handcrafted in our Arizona workshop and straight to customer pricing allows us to offer exceptional quality gun belts that are priced right. With the combination of our 2500 lb. rated belt buckles and heavy duty HDC harness leather, your new  gun belt should easily take 50 years to wear out or break a hole. If breakage was to occur with one of our stocked solid brass or stainless steel buckles attached, we will replace it. Our stitched belt guarantee is for 20 Years on hole breakage. Over the last 10 years, many gun enthusiasts have learned to rely on our trusted conceal carry leather belts. We are proud to offer this new HDC technology. Whether you use a paddle holster, a slide holster, or an appendix carry, you can expect our gun belts to deliver static reliability with an eye on fashion. 

In Conclusion

We continue to feel that a bit of patience in manufacturing is always worth the extra effort and time. If you choose to wear our heavy duty American leather gun belts, you will see where 15+ years of perfect reviews on our everyday premium leather belts have come from.

The REMINGTON leather gun belt is surely part of "What Makes Us Different."

The REMINGTON is part of our gun belt collection, and all of our handmade leather belts are proudly made in the USA.

See our Our Guarantee which states that you are free to return your Gun Belts FOR ANY REASON unworn for your money back.