Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee


10 Year Guarantee

Your belt is designed and crafted to last well over 10 years. If within 10 years your belt ever starts to rip, break a hole or otherwise fall apart from everyday use, Scottsdale Belt Co. will replace or repair your belt at no additional cost.



We have had the pleasure of looking our customers in the eye for the past 20 years.  The internet does not afford us this luxury.  If for any reason, this belt you have chosen does not meet your satisfaction, please return for exchange or refund within 30 days.

Made in the USA - Shield

American Made

Americans are tired of seeing our jobs and money go overseas for inferior products. In one lifetime, my wife and I have watched American ideas and American jobs disappear. Aren’t we all tired of seeing American money used to purchase imported junk? We pledge to hire and build our belts in the United States. Please join us in this vision.



If you lose weight for any reason Scottsdale Belt Co. would be thrilled to add holes or possibly shorten the belt at anytime at no cost. Shipping charges will apply.