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The OAKLEY Hair On Adhesive Leather Phone Wallet with Extra 3M® adhesive sheet

The OAKLEY Hair On Adhesive Leather Phone Wallet is handcrafted using one of a kind Hair On Cowhide. No two wallets are the same as they are all cut from a different section.  Once cemented and backed to a full grain leather pocket and backing,  we carefully stitch the edges and attach 3M® 300LSE high performance adhesive film to the back for a secure grip. An additional 3M® adhesive film sheet comes with each wallet.


Fits all iPhone® and Samsung® smartphone models. 

Proudly handcrafted in the U.S.A. our exotic stick on  phone wallets features 3M® 300LSE high quality adhesive film.

We took notice of the latest trend in phone accessories and I went ahead and created a prototype, then I stuck it to the back of my wife's phone.  Her exact comment was..."What am I going to need that for?" So she put her business cards in it.   One week later out came the cards and in went the credit card and her license.  Soon she said to me..."this is the handiest wallet I have ever had!!!   I leave my big handbag at home now".  We then took a look to see what is for sale in phone wallets on the big wide web.  All we could see was synthetic and cheaply made imports.  They were $10 and $15 and we all heard the line "crap is king", but not in our Arizona workshop!  Here there's no king, just a queen and she insists on two things.... "well built" and " the real thing"...."always have-always will and there are no exceptions".

We went to work creating this functional stick-on phone wallet accessory.  We used authentic...alligator, stingray, python, african Ikat indigo, bridle and harness leathers and more.

We  built these wallets the way we build all our leather goods....authentic and full of passion. Just the way we would want to buy them!!  



Brenda and Manny


  • Comes with a spare 3M® 300LSE adhesive film sheet.
  • Functional split pocket Euro design.
  • Room for a license, 3 credit cards and 2 bills.
  • Tanned in USA from full grain Horween, Hermann Oak and Wickett and Craig premium leather
  • Mobile phone, ID, credit card and cash in one place.
  • Hassle free returns for any reason.
  • Handcrafted in our Arizona workshop
  • Universally designed to fit all smartphones
  • Ultra thin and lightweight
  • Attaches well to any smooth surface with little residue.
  • Designed with no expense spared on genuine exotics, domestics and tribal cloths
  • Built with an emphasis on the finest unique and responsibly sourced leathers and exotics.
  • Protects by offering comfort and cushioning to the back of any smartphone.
  • Easily removed with no risk to your phone case.
  • 1 year repair or replacement of ripped or prematurely worn products.
  • 100% Satisfaction or your money back.


Simply clean the back of your smartphone or smartphone case with rubbing alcohol. With lightly dampened fingers gently peel away the 3M paper backing and carefully adhere to the back of your phone, tablet, wall, golf bag, etc. It sticks well to any smooth water and oil-free surface.  Just press down firmly over the entire phone wallet surface.


Q: What happens if I buy it and want to immediately return it?

A:We offer full returns for any reason on all of our products. We have been in the leather business for 2 generations and 47 years.

Q: What happens if I stick it to the wrong place by mistake?

A: Each phone wallet comes with an extra 3M® 300LSE adhesive film sheet just in case. 

Q: How easy is it to install the phone wallet?

A: Just use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface. If you can, then dampen your fingers with a small bit of water and peel the paper backing to expose the film.  Carefully stick it wherever you choose.

Q: What if I want to take it off my phone? How hard is the residue to get off?

A: The 3M® adhesive tape is meant to stick to almost any smooth surface and removing old residue is done with a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball.

Q: What makes our wallets different and why are they a bit more expensive than others that I see online?

A: Most competitors do not use real leather and if they do, saving money on manufacturing is their priority.  Our pride and passion drives us to buy the very best Horween® and other domestic luxury leathers at approximately triple the expense. 

Q: What kind of warranty comes with your phone wallets?

A: Our warranty is good for one year against any structural pocket failure or other reasonable cause for premature failure.


Model: PW1121
Primary Medium:  Hair On Cowhide
Secondary Medium: Mocha Bridle Leather
Dimensions: 3 7/8 X 2 3/4"
Cites Y/N: n/a
Stitch: Parchment