5/24/23 Busier than ever, we have had to close all orders for a June delivery. Please place your order now for a July 25th delivery window!!We are cutting freshly arrived saddle leather and refuse to rush the handcrafted process. ANY ORDERS PLACED IN MAY AND JUNE WILL BE FILLED IN JULY…ORDER NOW and reserve your place for a custom SBC handmade leather belt. The wait will be worth a lifetime of durability and wear. Brenda

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Scottsdale Belt Company

It seems the good word has spread on our handcrafted custom full grain leather belts and we still hand make every leather belt that leaves my shop. Place your orders now for an end of July 2023 delivery. Thanks for putting your trust in our online store. We will do a great job and the belt you will receive will be worth the wait.



What is the Difference Between Bridle Leather or Harness Leather?

Bridle and Harness are both cured naturally in a 30-40 day tanning process. The full grain vegetable tanning method utilizes organic tannins from the roots and bark of trees such as oaks, hemlocks, chestnuts and quebrachos. Harness leather gets an additional process where the leather is drummed or “hot stuffed” with oils and waxes. These natural tallows can be felt and serve to darken the surface of our full grain hides to help to make the leather more resilient and water repellant.



The smiling staff  from Scottsdale Belt Company


We are specifically looking for customers who appreciate organic leather. Those who are seeking leather belts made with the slow, natural process of vegetable tanning. The kind of leather belt that is naturally cured the old way using tree bark tannins in the U.S.A then shipped direct to a small American workshop that takes pride in what they make.

There are no shortcuts taken in our 21 step process. I still make the same quality leather belt my father made 50 years ago. 

PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW using our SIZE MEASUREMENT GUIDE. We will take your size info based on your current size, center the holes on the new belt and adjust the proper 6 inch length to it. From there we will build you the best made-best fitting leather belt you have ever owned!                       

ALL  OPEN  ORDERS In 25 years we have never taken payment on an order that was not fulfilled or, stuck a customer with any leather belt that they did not want, like, or didn't fit....it is not our way. REMEMBER, if you change your mind at any time, contact us FOR YOUR MONEY BACK.  

We guarantee you will love your new belt more than you thought you could ever love a piece of clothing in your life. We promise that your patience will be worth it. Just read hundreds of honest & well earned Google and Reddit REVIEWS.


Explore our American made EDC (every-day carry) Gun Belts and see why 8 close range hole adjustments, our exclusive HDCH (High Density Compression Harness) leather, solid brass/stainless steel hardware and Teflon® Heavy Duty thread make the perfect sturdy yet most comfortable gun belt you can find on the market.


Our dog collars are naturally bark tanned and full grain featuring solid brass and stainless steel hardware.

Most pet manufacturers use plated zinc. This much less expensive plating wears off and can poison your pet. Don't Settle For Less!

Our Father's leather belt vision began over 60 years ago...

"To offer a one piece of full grain, high quality saddle leather belt with a lifetime's worth of hard use and value."



In 1996, Brenda and I set up shop in the shadow of our father and his old school business values.

"When you place an order with us, we promise to deliver both."