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Our Story

My earliest memories of belt making were around 1972. Dad was cutting belt straps from a full side of leather and Mom remarked that the hide had the "shape of America." It seemed to take up the whole living room. I remember one late night when his hands were wrapped in bloody gauze. It was the week before Christmas. He had quit his full time job to pursue a leather business. His evenings were spent making the leather belts that he would sell during the day.

Years later, I would sit behind Dad’s workbench and wonder if my hands would be strong enough to hole a belt with a punch tool. I would marvel at how straight and effortlessly he would punch seven holes and chop a perfectly even belt end in one swing of the hammer. Dad would say, “a good leather belt, made from one piece of full-grain harness leather, should last a lifetime.“ Here in Scottsdale, Arizona, some 40 years later, a new generation of Brulports are carrying on the pride and craftsmanship that our father started.

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Our Mission

We believe in making the world’s finest leather belts. By using American saddle leather, intended for saddles, we are able to create a belt that will offer many years of hard wear. Although saddle leather hides are 3 times more expensive than imported chromium tanned leather, there is no substitute. Saddle leather combines durability and strength with comfort. Our leather, combined with our 21-step process, allows us to create the finest, one-piece belts money can buy. We are a CUSTOM BELT SHOP. Each belt is built to order for every customer.

All 21 steps of production are completed in house. Please order from our styles or inquire on different thread color combinations. We do not take on other leather projects or leather repair work. Thank you for choosing our handcrafted belts.

The 21 Step Process

Our 21 step process (from start to finish) offers no shortcuts, only the satisfaction in knowing that most companies are not willing to go through this laborious process. This process has changed little over the last 40 years.

We reject the belief in overseas mass production and leather belts made of urethane and suede pulp.


Our Famous Classic Belts


After You Order

Register your new belt for warranty

A Scottsdale Belt Co. belt has been designed and crafted so that it will last well over 10 years. If within 10 years your belt ever starts to rip, breaks a hole or otherwise falls apart from everyday use, we will repair or replace your belt at no additional cost.

Returns and Exchanges

We have had the pleasure of looking our customers in the eye for the past 20 years. The internet does not afford us this luxury. As such, if for any reason the belt you have chosen does not meet your satisfaction simply return your belt to us and specify what your needs are. We will do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers, additionally we’ll cover any shipping costs for your new belt.

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