My earliest memories of belt making were around 1972. Dad had quit his full time job to pursue a leather business. I was 6 years old and Dad was cutting belts by hand from a full side of leather.  Mom remarked that the hide, which seemed to take up the whole living room, had the "shape of America."  It was the week before Christmas and Dad's hands were wrapped in gauze. His evenings were spent making the leather belts that he would sell during the day in the middle of a new mall.  I would sit in his shop wondering if my hands would ever be strong enough to punch a hole in a belt.  His ability to punch seven straight holes and chop a perfect tip with one swing of the hammer, all while talking to customers, seemed effortless. Dad would say, “a good leather belt, made from one piece of full-grain harness leather, should last a lifetime.“



Fast forward 25 years...I had learned what to do along the way and started my own leather business at my parent's urging and support. They must have thought it was time to learn "what not to do".  It was 1995 and I had just finished my first summer show season.  Taking a chance on a big seasonal rent at a fancy mall in Connecticut, I lost my ass.  But not all was lost because I met my wife.   Brenda had taken her own chances moving East.  After college she moved to Minneapolis for a job with a start up company.  There were launching a new territory from Buffalo to Boston and promoted her to head the territory.  We started to date and one day I asked her to quit her stressful job, get married, and throw a dart on a map. We loaded the old box truck with equipment, and headed west.

Fast forward 25 years.  With three kids of our own, a good business, and the same vision that I started with....To offer the same durable, one piece leather belts that Harry Brulport did in 1972.  Now with an emphasis on quality, we strive to distance our premium belts from all the "offshore" garbage that flood our economy.   

Thanks for reading and showing an interest in supporting our leather belt dreams. We are fortunate to be able to make a product that will never fall apart. Please let me know if you took the time for this windy biography if you place an order.  



Scottsdale Belt Company