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Customer Reviews

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It may seem unbelievable that one small leather company could have so many five star reviews.  We are usually skeptical of these kinds of things ourselves however, we take our job seriously and try to never leave a customer concern unattended to. What you are seeing here is a thousand hours making sure our belts land correctly and if there is an issue, we fix it…simple as that!

Your testimonials and reviews teach us where we're hitting or missing in our quest to provide the best handmade leather belts you can buy. Below you will find reviews submitted by our customers.

We’d be so grateful if you would take a minute to leave us a review about your experience. Simply click on the "Write a Review" button below or if you would rather leave a review on the product, click on the page of the product(s) you purchased, scroll down the page to the Customer Reviews section and submit your feedback. You can also leave feedback on our Facebook page reviews section or EMAIL US.

We at Scottsdale Belt Company thank you for coming and checking us out, we appreciate your business.