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Big Mens Belts

Explore the unbreakable extra large leather belts in our Big Men’s Belt Collection. From the Remington to the bold and spicy Autumn, our handmade big men’s belt collection will bring years of style and value. If you have grown tired of breaking holes and replacing department store belts within a year, then you have been searching for full grain, unbreakable quality. Read our Google reviews and trust in what they say. We guarantee this belt against hole breakage for 20 years for good reason. Because it isn’t going to happen.  
      Handmade in our Arizona workshop, the SBC Big & Tall belt features a full grain-full thickness saddle leather construction.  We take the giant hide and strap cut from it butt to shoulder, add 21 Steps and finish with a solid stainless steel or solid brass buckle. With  8 holes at just 5/8” apart, our custom made leather belt has all the strength and durability that you can find anywhere on the planet. For around $100, your investment will repay itself by the 3rd cheap belt you would  have purchased elsewhere. In 2-3 years, your new belt will save you money for decades. In 30 or more years in the leather belt business, we have never seen a hole break. Very few belt companies can make that claim but it’s the honest truth.

1. We recommend that you purchase our stitched belts for strength. Our Classic unstitched belt will not break, however it will stretch a bit. There is a reason why great gun belts and horse harnesses are sewn. Our parachute rated thread minimizes stretch to almost nothing and the difference in warp and edge retention are night and day. The added $10-$20 will be worth the extra costs down the road. 

2. In our experience, the wide (1.75”) is a bit much for comfort for most larger men.  We have found that if you are not holstering a weapon then most big guys don’t like the side pinch of of a leather belt that is too wide when they sit down.

3. Order the belt of your choice and Brenda will reach out soon after she sees the sale to verify size. Any notes or changes to the order can be addressed then.