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The Ventura Black American Alligator Minimalist Leather Wallet


When we set out to make this American Tanned Alligator Minimalist Wallet we had 4 qualities in mind...durability, organization, simplicity and style. With plenty of card pockets, the option of a heavy-duty spring steel American made holster clip and double steel rivets, up to 6 cards and 20 bills can be held securely.   

At Scottsdale Belt Co. we have designed and  started producing a minimalist wallet design out of American alligator leather. The hides have been sustainably regulated and  professionally tanned. An American tannery  down south where Gucci/ Hermès source from sets and finishes exotic leather with more softness and consistency than the other tannery. An average adult tanned wild alligator hide from this Georgia tannery wholesales for $350-$950 depending on grade of the skin(scars, holes etc)  Their hides are patiently drummed and pre soaked for pliability, consistency and amazing strength. Sustainable luxury is important to both tanneries and everybody else involved in the sensitive business of alligator leather. The 2 or 3 big European fashion design houses have attempted to monopolize these exclusive hides through a limited supply and a large European demand. This ensured that global demand for designer luxury was met first. Very limited quantities, if any were  available to small manufacturers….In other words, the $6000 handbags and the $900 wallets made from authentic American alligator could not be found anywhere for less. In recent years; however, things have changed a bit. Due to  large increases to Alligator populations in Florida and Louisiana, numbers have allowed these 2 tanneries to begin to access more raw hides. Also, an increase in homes and restaurants serving alligator meat for dinner have brought about a good supply farm sourced alligators.  These farm sourced hides have proven to be even more expensive and popular with euro designers. This is due to the scarless clarity of the hide as well as superior nutritional and genetic advantages over wild gators. For some, smaller size of farm gators is the only real issue.  
Similar to  the beef industry in America, the untanned leather is a by-product of the meat rendering process.  However, people need to keep in mind that closely regulated tanning processes and the responsible water reclamation that must accompany it is what makes quality American leather so expensive and superior.


With a family connection fro the rodeo business and because we handcraft or own leather goods , we have created an affordable collection of wild and exotic leather goods that we feel are superior to large Euro design houses at a fraction of the cost.  Of course you will have to live without the fancy logo or brand name.  Now you can trust in Scottsdale Belt Company for genuine  American Alligator wallets and accessories manufactured in an affordable, honest and responsible way.  
Each wallet is meticulously cut, glued, skived, beveled and edged to create an heirloom quality minimalist wallet that allows customers to organize credit cards and money in a beautiful, one of a kind, handcrafted designs as well honor nature at the same time.

Please see Features and Specs below for details on each unique item.


  • 5 oz. Premium American Tanned Alligator Leather Wallet
  • Heavy Duty USA Made Spring Steel Money Clip
  • Hold up to 6 credit cards safely
  • Money clip holds up to 20 bills or securely clips to inside pocket


Model:  EXW-400-3P-10
Color/Leather:  Black Alligator Leather
# of Pockets:  3
Money Clip:  Y
Stitch:  #207 HD Parachute Quality
Dimensions in Inches:  4" x 2.75" x .5"


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