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If it was just about the money….


If this leather belt manufacturing lifestyle was just about making money and not about the pride of skilled craftsmanship, we would find a remote factory somewhere cheaper or, outside of America. Then we would focus 100% of our efforts on marketing…. social media, commercials, gimmicky discounts and other types of sales hooks. We would sit at our desk & throw around phrases like 100 YEAR GUARANTEE and everything else we could think of in an 8 hour day. We would offer 4 or 6 belt styles that we could pick up the phone and simply reorder. Then we could focus on shaving every nickel off the belt to throw in our bank account. We would then hire a great accountant to help us fluff up the columns on our tax return in order to sell the company to the highest bidder. Retired at 55, we would sit around with like minded people and talk about our savvy business models and how to make more money with less work. 

Well, we’re both 55. We are working harder than ever. Sun up to sun down, our family and small team handcrafts every one of the 150 plus current belt styles. Every leather belt, collar and wallet that comes out of our Arizona workshop is blanketed with time, patience and a complete focus on quality.
This endeavor is overwhelming and quite often at the expense of our lives & our lifestyle. On the rare occasion that we do get caught up, you will find us out there trying to find better leather & better techniques, blindly ignoring costs to create & improve our designs.
We choose this life and measure our success by returning customers, honest & glowing reviews and a tremendous pride in the products we deliver. If you want to know what a true authentic review looks like, go onto Google and read one of ours. As honest as it gets….
Our only guarantee is, that we will stand behind every one of our handmade saddle leather belts as long as we are physically able to. Someday, hopefully, our kids will do the same. No early retirement, no promising bank accounts and no rediculous guarantees. Just the passion to make the best saddle leather belts we can, no matter what the cost of time, leather and hardware.
Thanks for putting your trust in our online store. We pledge to not send any leather belt out to you that we would not want to receive ourselves.
We’ll do a great job...the belt you will receive will be worth the wait.

Brenda & Manny Brulport

Scottsdale Belt Company

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The stitching although not necessary serves to make the belt more stout and less prone to stretch. All leather can stretch, even the beat saddle leather. The perimeter stitching, whether one of two rows doesn’t immediately show it’s merits however, after a few months or years of wear the benefits of a well tensioned thread will be apparent.

Our unstitched Classic Bridle And Harness leather belts are the same thickness and quality as the ones that get stitched by us in our workroom found in the Single or Double stitched collections.

Yes, in fact we strongly recommend it for any of our leather belts that are over size 40. Many customers of ours have many years of satisfaction with non stitched belts. For larger waisted folks and concealed gun carry belts, the stitching is very important.

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