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Leather Bracelet Sizing Guide

Bracelet Sizing

To measure your wrist, wrap a tape measure ( if no tape: from the short side of an 8.5x11” sheet of printer paper) or string so that it is snug around your wrist between the palm and the wrist bone and mark the length. Measure that length on a ruler, then find your wrist measurement on the bracelet sizing guide to determine your bracelet size.

Wrist size       Bracelet size

5.5”         (order size 6 Bracelet)

6”            (order size 6.5 Bracelet)

6.5”         (order size 7.0 Bracelet)

7”            (order size 7.5 Bracelet)

7.5”         (order size 8.0 Bracelet)

8”            (order size 8.5 Bracelet)

8.5”         (order size 9.0 Bracelet)

9”            (order size 9.5 Bracelet)

9.5”         (order size 10.0 Bracelet)