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Our 21 Step Process offers no shortcuts, only the satisfaction of knowing that your belt will last a lifetime.

What makes our belts different
  1. We use stainless steel and solid brass buckles on our belts so you will never have to worry about the plating wearing off.
  2. The loop is moved forward to accommodate today's jeans.
  3. Buckles are attached with machine grade solid brass Chicago screws made in the USA.
  4. Our belts are constructed from one solid piece of 11-13 oz. bridle or harness saddle leather from American steers.
  5. We use a 3 step edging process to ensure years of exceptional wear.
    • Hand Rolled ACCU-EDGE application.
    • Saddle soap and elbow grease.
    • Alpha hydroxy finish.
  6. Clean, defined lock stitches created by a Dürkopp Adler Saddle Stitch machine.
  7. The placement of 8 tight holes allow for easy adjustment between meals. *10 year breakage guarantee.