MAY 2022 UPDATE:We are cutting hides and proudly filling orders at complete capacity. ORDER NOW for an 8-10 week delivery. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $99. We charge minimum USPS rates and do NOT profit on shipping. The rate is currently set at $5.90 per belt.

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The Sonoran Collection


The Sonoran Bespoke Collection is a diverse western grouping of artisan inspired leather belts that we created with roots and authenticity in traditional American western fashion while still creating styles that are current and trending in 2021. 

Rare compression reliefs that were pressed on long engraving plates.  The UCLA graduated metal artisan  Ellis Barnes had equal talent to reproduce deep impressions of the handtooled leather originals that these talented leather artisans and saddle umakers created by hand.  Accurate looks preproductions from long deceased famous leather artists like Al Stohlman and Mervin Ringlero “one off” plates 

Whether it was an old western movie set outside of Tucson, or a cattle ranch in Santa Cruz County, we have a unique and original cowboy leather belt for you. All belts in the Chaparral Collection include solid brass American made snaps for easy buckle changes and buckle options include antique silver and vintage brass. We were careful to stay true to buckle styles of the iconic West. Browse all styles for men's leather belts as well as women's belts because in the Sonoran Desert when the sun comes up until the sun goes down, there is no "Ma'am" or "Sir". On the back of a horse you are just plain tough.