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CHESTNUT OAK SELECT 1.5 Limited Edition Leather Belt

18 reviews

               ***UPDATE 11-12-22***

The 2023 CHESTNUT OAK SELECT limited edition leather belt features a full grain-full thickness vegetable tanned leather made from steer hides and a heavy double drum tallowing process.  In 2022 we only received small load of an amazing rare and natural beauty however subsequently in 2023, we special ordered one batch of the same tannage in a Chestnut Oak Select and then one more in a Mahogany Oak Select.  The same extra firmness and color variations that were in our limited edition Natural Oak Select harness leather are present in both the Chestnut and Mahogany Harness Selects. The only difference being that we added the process of drumming in the aniline tints of medium reddish brown for the Chestnut Oak Select and true dark brown tones of the Mahogany Harness Select. This leather easily sits apart from any other harness leather made in the world. For the Chestnut Oak Select we decided to saddle stitch this belt twice….one outside in Parchment White and the inside with Loden Green parachute quality American & Effird heavy duty thread. Our threads are made in the USA.  A & E© premium thread spools cost approximately 3 times per spool what we could buy imported threads for; however, we feel as though the durability that comes with A & E© thread is well worth it.        

The Right  Place at The Right Time….

November 2021 at a Tannery in St. Louis, I gave away some of my wife’s week old fresh Tree House holiday IPAs to get my hands on just 5 crown choice steer hides of this once a year autumn tannery single batch run.  As the story goes… the first drum load was produced a long time ago by accident. As early fall temperatures ushered in cooler conditions in the rooms with the seeping pools, this leather took on a darker and more firm characteristics than the usual bark tanned hides. The master tanners of the time missed the subtle overnight climate swings and thus were baffled. Failing to accommodate for this variable, a deeper pale and more rigid batch was produced and then vanished in the subsequent batches, not able to be fully replicated again until...the next Autumn. As legend has it, the leather was referred the “ghost in the oak swamp”  due to the event coinciding late October and Halloween most years. The feedback on this unique and extra firm leather from saddlemakers added legend to their already popular and strong harness leather. A few years later, a savvy master tanner Stayed through the night and caught on to what was subtly happening after everyone left the tannery. Today, one single customary drum load is quietly produced late September-early October every year.



With only a few hides in each color, get your Hermann Oak Limited Edition Natural Oak Select, your Hermann Oak Chestnut Oak Selector your Mahogany Oak Select for a gorgeous saddle leather belt, all built to last a lifetime.

Belt Size


The CHESTNUT OAK SELECT leather belt is cut from limited edition hot stuffed harness leather tanned at Hermann Oak Tannery in St. Louis, Missouri. This is a 4th Generation Tannery that uses the roots and bark of trees and other to cure their leather hides naturally. The oils, tallow’s, and waxes cause color shifting. The wax and tallow compounds that make this leather so durable and water repellent also give it this coloration. Customers need to understand that the Classic Natural's color is not consistently even. Our previous customers that have chosen this heavy, thick, and durable belt don't ever seem to mind, in fact, we think they love it more. If it doesn't meet approval send it back unworn for 100% of your money back.

The primary use of this leather is for saddlery. Dirt, sweat, salt, and horse drool were hard on ordinary leather so a strong, weather resistant, vegetable tanned leather was invented for the horseman’s reins. This process has changed little in 140 years. Each hide still needs to be steeped for over a month in giant pools of bark and root extracts. Then, the hides are added to giant wooden drums loaded with beef tallow, waxes, and shin bone oils. With heat and centrifugal force, “hot stuffed” harness leather was born when the rotating drums finished the job. That was over a hundred years ago and not very much has changed in the process.

This premium leather has color variations that make it a natural American beauty that is often copied, but never duplicated. We want our customers to understand that it can be returned if it does not meet your satisfaction. That is how Shep Hermann runs his tannery and that is how sure we are about this leather.

Also see the CLASSIC NATURAL OAK SELECT. Both premium leather belts are part of our brown belt, and men's belt collections. All of our leather belts are handmade in the USA.


  • 13oz. Premium Chestnut Harness Leather
  • Double Saddle Stitched A & E #277 Parchment White and Loden Green
  • One Piece Construction
  • 8 Close Hole Design spaced at (5/8" / 15.5mm)
  • Close to the Buckle Loop Placements
  • Stainless Steel or Solid Brass Tumbled Roller Buckle
  • 20 Year Guarantee
  • Made in the USA

**We age our Brass in house to create a true patina. If shiny is your preference, please specify in the notes section.**


Model: 413
Leather: Chestnut  Harness
Thickness: .20 in / 5 mm (thickness of 3 stacked quarters)
Width(s): 1.5" / 38mm
Temper: Extra Firm
Buckle: Tumbled Roller
Attachment: USA Black Oxide Brass Chicago Screw
Stitch: #1 Parchment   # 2 Loden
Overall Size: Approx. 6 inches over chosen belt size.

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    Debra C.
    United States United States

    Amazing quality. Wonderful service.

    My husband was thrilled with his belt. Incredible quality.

    David J.
    United States United States

    Quality Products

    Scottdale Belts are extremely high in quality, materials and workmanship. Scottdale belts customer service is just as good as their products , indication of GREAT management!!

    Peter M.
    United States United States

    A Belt With Character

    This is an exceptionally sturdy and attractive belt. Perhaps more sturdy than I need, but would be great for my son who is in the construction trades and carries many tools on his belt. His birthday will be coming along in a few months! He would be the best dressed electrician on the site.

    Jordan H.
    United States United States


    Fits perfectly and tougher than tow strap