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The LEXINGTON WIDE 1.75 Leather Belt

Belt Size


The 1.75" LEXINGTON WIDE is a double saddle-stitch premium men's leather belt that has been in our line for 12 years. Made from vegetable tanned espresso bridle leather and framed in 2 rows of parachute weight thread, parchment and chocolate. This great belt combines rich dark browns which accent the stitching. The LEXINGTON WIDE is the perfect statement for any wardrobe and intended for people looking for a slightly more casual look in high quality, premium leather. If you were to ask any of our current customers about our belts, you would see them light up and smile. Finding true brown leather belts with premium American saddle leather is rare these days. Many stores can match the new look at half the price but just wait a decade and what do you have? Your Scottsdale premium leather belt will offer you many years of durability and style. You might even be more attached to it in a year than when you first bought it. That is 100% of "What Makes Us Different."


  • 12 oz. Premium Saddle Leather
  • One Piece Construction
  • 8 Close Hole Design spaced at (5/8" / 15.5mm)
  • Close to the Buckle Loop Placements
  • Stainless Steel or Solid Brass Tumbled Roller Buckle
  • 20 Year Guarantee
  • Made in the USA

**We age our Brass in house to create a true patina. If shiny is your preference, please specify in the notes section.**


Model: 018
Leather: Espresso Bridle
Thickness: .20 in / 5 mm (thickness of 3 stacked quarters)
Width(s): 1.75" / 44mm
Temper: Firm
Buckle: Tumbled Roller
Attachment: USA Black Oxide Brass Chicago Screw
Stitch: Parchment/Chocolate #277 Parachute Weight


To ensure a perfect fit, grab a Ruler or Tape Measure and one of the belts you currently own and follow our easy sizing guide instructions.

  1. Lay your belt out.
  2. Using a ruler or tape measure, start measuring from the buckle fold (Fig. 1) to the hole you are currently using.
  3. If you are between sizes, round up to the nearest inch.

Order That Size!

Ex: 37" Inches = 37" Inch Belt Size

Find Your Belt Size

Please measure your belt! Don't assume your size.


If you can't measure right now, add 3 inches to your waist/jean size and go ahead and ORDER NOW. We will follow-up with an email to confirm your size.


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Wearing natural leather can have the ability of connecting us to our environment in ways we may not understand. For man, the process of tanning leather with roots and bark from trees goes back to the cave. Thousands of years of evolution physically join man and leather to nature and survival.


Owning a naturally tanned leather belt is both a privilege and a luxury. After 2 years, condition your leather belt with 2 light coats of 100% pure lanolin, Neatsfoot oil or any other fossil fuel free, high quality conditioner. If ever dirty, clean only with saddle soap. Remember, when it's dry reapply.


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